Admissions Overview

We give our students the freedom to explore creativity in a way that isn't constrained. We have a freedom here to allow an immersive experience which drives their opportunity to express themselves.

The University offers an educational experience unlike any other.

Our philosophy centers on recognizing the value in creative thinking and the importance of hands-on experience. We put this into action with an approach that emphasizes problem-solving, learning by doing, and empowering our students to generate their own concepts and ideas.

Build knowledge by building experience.

Every part of your degree program is designed to look, feel, and function like your industry - from your workspaces, to your projects, to your schedule.

How do we stay connected? Through Program Advisory Committees: active professionals that regularly work with us to keep our degrees relevant. Educators who continue to create and contribute to their fields. And an emphasis on portfolio projects that prove your experience to future employers.

We provide context for students and give them perspective. We're an academic institution, but we also understand that the creative industries require something that's not always taught in books or captured on tests.