Faculty of Arts & Design

Faculty of Arts & Design

The Faculty of Arts and Design is a diverse faculty offering programs that range from the highly conceptual to the deeply practical. Creativity is at the core of what we do in all our programs.

We have a long tradition of producing highly employable graduates, making a distinctive contribution to creative industries around the world. We live in a world where opportunities for artists and designers are increasingly dependent on flexibility of approach within well-established disciplines. Our students can start their journey at Foundation level and continue to be the artists they aspire.

Our Arts & Design course at the University aims to train responsible designers equipped with the skills to accomplish today's and tomorrow's challenges. As with our other courses of study, the Design programme is designed to provide students with a comprehensive palette of skills and to transcend the borders of individual disciplines. Students do not need to undergo any extra training after graduation


We offer undergraduate & graduate programs following Majors

Interior Design
Graphic Design and Illustration
Fashion Design
Film Directing
Media and Journalism