Continuing Education

Continuing Education

How you view continuing education can depend on where you are in life. Whether you're just letting your curiosity point you in new directions, looking to earn a bachelor's degree many years after completing high school, or seeking professional courses to help advance your career, EGS' continuing education programs provide an astonishing variety of options for everyone from elementary school students to state policymakers, options that fit busy lives and varied schedules.


Certificates & Certification

Looking to hone skills or pick up needed certification? EGS centers and departments offer a wide range of certificate programs and certifications to train you in the skills that help you advance your career.

Certification programs ensure the competence of professionals through a measurement of skills and knowledge. Certification exams go beyond training by providing a measurement of knowledge and skills. When employers are looking to hire or promote, education is an important determining factor, which is why it's important to earn certificates in your field. Below, we've taken the time to highlight a few other reasons why certifications are important.


Staying up to date

In today's world, the degree you earned 20 years ago doesn't always hold the same validity as it did when you first received it. By gaining a certificate, it shows employers that you are up to date on the most recent practices that are required for your job.

Professional growth

Employers like to see a desire to grow. It shows ambition, which translates to hard work and a more efficient workplace. These traits help you increase your chances of receiving a raise or being considered for a promotion.

Earn more money:

Having a certificate makes you a more attractive candidate whether it's for a new job or an in-house promotion. In a study conducted by Georgetown University's Center on Education and the Workforce, having a credential adds an average 25% in earnings.

Stay ahead of the pack:

Not only are there more people in the workforce with master's degrees, there are a surge of people receiving certificates. According to the Institute for College Access and Success, there was a 46% increase within 5 years of people earning certifications.

The job market is extremely competitive, which is why EGS offers a variety of certificate prep courses in the fields of business management, information technology, and health & medical to help you achieve your career goals and stand among the crowd.