Financial Aid & Tuition

European Global School- University (EGS) offers a unique opportunity to acquire an excellent, multi-disciplinary education at an affordable cost by offering students access to scholarships. EGS has been attracting individuals who take their EGS experiences into their own cultures, share their knowledge with future generations, and launch successful careers. Thus, there are several different types of scholarships available based on exemplary personal skills, academic achievement, extracurricular participation, on-campus work, and residency

Committed to making your education affordable

Providing the highest quality service to undergraduate, graduate and professional students in pursuit of their academic goals, the Office of Financial Aid is committed to assisting students and families in planning for and meeting expenses associated with attendance at the university.

Attending EGS may be more affordable than you think.
To help eligible students afford education, the university also offer tuition payment plans.
And special programs for Developing countries
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