Faculty of International Relations

Faculty of International Relations

The Faculty of International Relations was created due to the necessity of training highly skilled specialists at the levels of Bachelor and Master of International Relations and political science.

In the process of their studies graduates of the faculty acquire:

  • Conceptual knowledge adapted to the modern requirements of the labor market
  • Abilities and skills in solving complex problems and issues that need integration of knowledge in future practice
  • The ability to conduct research and innovative activities for professional purposes.

Students have the opportunity to study foreign languages according to the programs adapted to the requirements of each specialty. The content of the curricula and the system of arrangement of the educational process at the university promotes creative thinking and communication skills among students, their acquisition of ability for autonomous decision-making in complex unpredictable conditions, which is an integral part of the competence of a modern expert in international relations and of an historian



We offer Undergraduate, Graduate & Post Graduate programs following Majors

  • Political Science
  • International Relations
  • Business Law