Faculty of Petroleum Studies

Faculty of Petroleum Studies

With the emerging superpowers, China and India, beginning to compete for a larger share of the world's energy resources, more countries have responded by seeking to develop their own natural resources, intensifying competition and increasing the demand for highly skilled professionals and managers in this rapidly expanding sector of the global economy.

The Department of Petroleum Studies aims to provide advanced teaching and research facilities to the students to enable them to create and apply innovative technologies in drilling, production , technology and management

There is a need in the oil sector for high skills and specialized labor that can deal with the high technology used in this sector, which has a huge diversity of professions required. From engineers, technicians and workers, to the management of business, marketing, selling, and informatics. which means that there is high demand for specialized degrees in universities and institutes, allowing students to engage in this sector in the future.


We offer Undergraduate, Graduate & Post Graduate programs following Majors

  • Oil and Gas Safety
  • Petroleum Services
  • Oil and Gas Technology
  • Oil and Gas Production Technology
  • Petroleum Management