Studly At EGS Istanbul

Turkey is fast attaining a reputation of being a perfect destination for international students looking for quality educational qualifications.

Why Study In Istanbul?

  • Experience a culture rooted in thousands of years of history and influenced by countless civilizations
  • Live in a beautiful waterfront city, the only city in the world to span two continents
  • Enjoy the city's natural beauty and deep history, one of the most fascinating and attractive cities in the world
  • Benefit from Istanbul's mixture of culture, art, and religion from both east and west


The Istanbul program is ideal for students who are interested in studying in a city rich in nature, history, and culture at the literal crossroads of the world, where Europe meets Asia. Named the 2010 European Capital of Culture, Istanbul is an excellent location to study and immerse in a culture that is simultaneously ancient and modern. Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey, and the third-largest in the world, and its 5,000 years of culture and history comingles with a modern, vibrant, cosmopolitan energy.