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Today, we are witnessing local and global challenges, a technology revolution, and a wide spread of research and educational theories, including brain research, which formed a cornerstone on which to build learning styles.
In addition of the amendment of educational and pedagogical methods, as well as the recent health developments, which dictated the choice of “Distance learning”... All of this made the issue of preparing teachers a priority for policy makers and advanced educational institutions, especially with the increasing needs in the educational sector for qualified teachers.

Hence, our training program for teachers mainly aims to:
  • Preparing responsible teacher that is working towards research and , creativity
  • A teacher capable of keeping pace with new technologies, methods and techniques of distance learning and aware of its role in building an educated and responsible generation.
  • Able to meet the various challenges of the twenty-first century.
  • Able to identify student learning difficulties and customizing a plan to solve it

And because the success of the training and the achievement of the desired goals depend primarily on the effectiveness and modernity of the training program, and its closeness from the teachers' needs... From this standpoint, we worked at the EGS University, taking into account the scientific accuracy based on experiences in the field operation and what studies have proven in this field.

The training program competencies cover four basic areas related to the educational process and teachers, and they include:
  1. The process of planning and organizing the curriculum
  2. Deepen in the field of specialization and acquiring successful techniques and methods in teaching the subject. This is in the light of theories and existing educational research, linking to updates, and the plurality of electronic sources.
  3. Educational assessment and evaluation in the educational process
  4. Professional and personal skills of teachers, and professional ethics
Program properties, duration, and target group:

The training program is characterized as a flexible program whose educational units are designed to serve the needs of institutions and teachers in all educational subjects, and their levels in terms of educational experience.


No matter where you are from, or what you would like to do when you graduate, your experience at EGS will challenge, inspire, develop, and support you. Through a combination of excellent teaching, rich, and varied student life, you'll have the experience of a lifetime.

Teacher Training Center

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