Career Service

At European Global School, we take complete care of your current and future needs, to show our students that we are committed towards their betterment, we have set up a dedicated career center for those who would require help on issues such as job placement and course counseling etc. We make sure that our students get placed at top-notch universities in the world if they opt for employment, or come up with the most innovative concepts and ideas if they are inclined towards entrepreneurship.

At our career center, we will guide you on how to make it to the best organizations and then grow over there as well. We can even recommend professionals about their future career path and update them about which programs they need to complete to keep their CV's updated. Visit EuroPass for further details.

Internship Placement Opportunities

Internship Placement Program is designed to prepare students for real life. Internship placement services help students deal with real career life pressures and hone the skills they need to succeed. Internship programs enable our student to get their hands on actual projects and gain professional experience.

Job Placement Opportunities

European Global School joined hands with top international companies to grab best career opportunities for our students and alumni in every region of the world.

Career Advice

A career advisor will be available for to you if you decide benefit from career services. The advisor will help you enhance your employability by helping you draft your resume, build your professional network, give you interview tips, improve your salary negotiation skills and much more! Additionally, he will also keep you updated about the job vacancies available in your preferred region through job positing.

Internship Program

Getting a taste of the market is very essential for all students because ultimately they must know how to apply their knowledge in their world. European Global School have arranged for student internship programs with our partner employers who will take students for a tour in their organization for 6 months or more. These internship experiences are given great importance in the course of your study and you will even get some credits for these. For details, please contact our Student Counselor.

Online Campus

EGS programs are optimized for a 100% online learning experience, and have been designed to provide the highest quality virtual, yet interactive, education since day one. Here’s what makes our online experience different.
European Global School is proud to support all learners – those who are naturally curious, enthusiastic about knowledge, and ready to broaden their horizons.

We want to make sure your program meets your needs and the needs of your industry. We offer multiple assignment options so you can tailor your experiences that relate to your current or next job role.

We work to ensure that the latest and greatest tools for learning each specific subject are built into every class (it's why we revise our classes every 12-18 months). You can count on an engaging and interaction-filled experience through multimedia lectures, digital textbooks, options for adaptive learning based on understanding, real-world simulations, embedded industry leading tools, and more!

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The acknowledgement certificate of your former education, also called as validation of studies and degrees, recognition of educational documents, or "Certificate of Nostrification" is the proof that your previous studies are equal to degrees issued by European Global School, France as per the guidelines set under Social Modernization Law of 2002, which is enshrined in the Labor Code and the Code of Education.

Students seeking Certificate of Nostrification are required to submit their updated resume and original documents. Please find the general guidelines for submitting applications for the Nostrification procedure below. For more information, please consult the Academic Office and speak to our admissions counsellor.

The following documents are required for the Nostrification:

  1. Updated Resume
  2. Original Diploma (returned after verification and copy is retained)
  3. Official Transcript (returned after verification and copy is retained)
  4. Recent Passport-sized photograph with white/blue background.
  5. Completed Application Form

The Nostrification cost is Euro. 800 and the process takes usually from 1 to 3 weeks

To check authenticity of your Nostrification certificate, please click here.

Apostille Service

The Hague Convention is a permanent body created after the Second World War, one of the objectives of which is to simplify international administrative procedures. It brings together more than 180 countries and independent jurisdictions which simplify the procedures for legalizing documents by affixing a simple Apostille whose model is almost identical in all the countries which adopt it. In France, Apostilles are issued by the Public Prosecutor's Office of each Court of Appeal according to a very strict document conformity procedure. When it is issued it is for a specific country, after being registered and numbered, it can be checked by its recipient who can check with the Prosecutor's Office.

Services Offered
  • Notarization
  • Apostille
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs + Embassy
  • Legalization from U.S State Department
  • Apostille from U.S State Department
Note: A certified copy of your degree (French version) is apostilled / legalized.
Verification System

European Global School provides instant electronic verification of student degrees and enrollment to employers, employment agencies, credit card companies, background search firms, and various other businesses that offer products or services based on an individual's status as an enrolled student. This information is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

To verify your enrollment/ graduation status, please click here.

Note: Student Educational Records are distributed as Adobe PDF documents. If the record is opened with an application other than Adobe, text may appear unreadable. If this occurs, use the "Open With" feature and select Adobe to open the document. If your record opens as a blank page, upgrade to the latest Adobe version.

All our students are eligible for internationally accepted proof of student status that is recognized in whole EU countries and in over 130 countries by International Student Identity Card (ISIC). The card may be used to obtain discounts on travel, merchandise, and services throughout the world. With an ISIC card, you gain access to student services and facilities internationally, with access to over 42,000 student benefits and discounts in close to 125,000 locations in more than 130 countries. Therefore it’s perfect if you’re into travelling and if you’re studying abroad.

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Note: The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is a discount card for full-time post-secondary students. It is not a government-issued ID, and cannot be used in place of official identification showing proof of age such as a driver’s license or passport.

International Student Identity Card (ISIC) cards are endorsed by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).


Every invention in this world is only for the betterment of human life. When we fall in trouble only then we look for the solution. As an intergovernmental organization, the United Nations (UN) was established to salute the world crisis on 24th October 1945 by taking the vision “Promote International Co-Operation”. For the development of the human state, United Nations spotlights on some key point. To focus on some invaluable aspect of human life such as education, science, and culture, the United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organization was formed on 4th November 1946.Universal human rights management, universal respect for justice along with the rule of law was the intention behind the formation of UNESCO. This organization was designed based on five major programs education, natural science, social and human science, culture, communication, and information by signing the constitution on 16 November 1945 in London by 37 countries.

UNESCO achieved a distinctive success in every program of it's; which are conducted by the great attention looking on its goals. And these attentive goals are exercised on its 195 member states by categorized upon the progressive condition of that states.

Education is the most preferred program taken for the underprivileged urban and remote communities and the goal is to educate the children and adults of that areas. Education tools development is the focal point of this program. Freedom of speech and expression is another focal point of this program.” Associated School Project Network” is an example project to touch the goal about speech freedom which was launched in 1953.And till 2008 it has implemented it among eight thousand educational institutions in over a wide range area numbered 170 countries. Compulsory but free primary education was recommended by UNESCO universally in the year 1948.As a sign of educational improvement United Nations University was established in Tokyo in the year of 1975.

For the development of scientific knowledge enhancing human living UNESCO works in the developing countries. Management of pesticide, irrigation system for food, clean drinking water wells and management of the cultural heritage project using science and technologies are the focal point of UNESCO science program. Aral Sea Project at Kazakhstan is the example project in this issue where catchment area was 1549000 square kilometers.

World heritage sites throughout the world are listed and advertised by UNESCO for learning the people of the world about the natural and manmade site.

It has also taken the Millennium Development Goals project as a joint program with UNDP, UNIPA, UNIDO, and UNWTO for the development several points of human life by 2015 taken in the year of 2000.And by the year 2013, it has able to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger at a satisfactory level. Universal primary education, gender discrimination, empowerment of women, reducing child mortality, improving maternal health, environmental sustainability and the global partnership are the goals of this project, which are going to fulfilled level by the recent year.

To improve the quality of education, achieve gender parity, adult literacy to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, reducing child mortality and many more invaluable goals are touched by UNESCO. Speech and expression freedom, cultural protection and social development are gained by UNESCO especially throughout the developing countries.


A guide for Thesis and Dissertations contains information on The Graduate School’s policies and procedures for preparing a thesis or dissertation, having it reviewed by the Thesis Editor, and uploading it as a PDF for electronic publication, which is the final requirement for graduation. The guide includes an explanation of the European Global School format, examples of pages and forms, and a discussion of copyright issues. Click here to download

Alumni Club

When you graduated from European Global School, you automatically become a member of EGS Alumni Association. As a member of the Association, you are the lifelong valued participant in our school, and the foundation on which the school is built.

Being part of EGS Alumni is not just an opportunity to reconnect with old friends. It’s an opportunity to connect with the wider EGS community across all sectors and industries. Our popular symposiums and events bring together experts from industry and academia as well as those just starting out to share the latest thinking from different sectors.

Our Goals
  • To organize meetings for distinguished graduates who succeeded in their professional lives and to share and present their success stories to their counterparts.
  • To provide a platform for information that enhances the quality of the education process to cope with the changes in the market.
  • To search for training and employment opportunities through building a vast network with the various organizations, active companies and institutions looking to recruit highly qualified graduates.
  • To invite alumni and community institutions to advertise job opportunities for graduates.
  • To provide the opportunities and environment to introduce all graduates to each other for the purpose of sharing and exchanging experience.
  • To organize educational, cultural, sporting and artistic activities to promote and strengthen the relation between the university and its alumni.
  • To provide guidance for practical solutions to the post-graduation challenges.
  • To publish in the information subjects of interest to graduates in their different specializations.
  • To establish a network of relations with clubs, professional associations and forums with similar interest.
  • To make use of graduates experiences and potentials to develop the university.
  • To hold conferences, seminars, workshops and lectures on and off campus to prepare, train and develop graduates.

Alumni services include the verification of your earned degree online. Employers and institutions seeking verification of the degree should get the consent of the student. For details, please contact Registrar Office.

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